LGBTQI Rehab Inspire Pride About

A Turnkey Business

Inspire Pride is offering treatment centers and hospitals the opportunity to build-out an LGBTQI+ treatment center within a pre-existing or future center. We provide the consulting and development that allows a center to be staffed, trained and approved as a safe space* for effectively treating this specific community of individuals.

Let’s create a >>>win • win • win<<< situation for addictions centers and the LGBTQI+ clients that you serve!

At Inspire Pride, we understand all of the logistical reasons why treatment centers choose to keep LGBTQI+ patients in-house instead of referring them to a specialized center — including the lack of LGBTQI-focused addiction treatments centers that exist.

However, it is clinically-proven that LGBTQI+ clients have specific needs when it comes to trauma-informed care and inclusive programming that not only validates but also affirms a person whose gender identity and/or sexual orientation is outside the cisgender* and/or heterosexual identity.

In fact, facilities that have Inspire Pride, LGBTQI+ satellite centers will be on the cutting edge of healthcare.

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